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Hi All,

I am working as a Research Assistant at Deakin University (Melbourne, Australia), on a research project looking at ways to reduce air conditioning use in South-East Asian Cities, with a particular focus on sustainable forms of development emphasising low carbon and tradition or vernacular architecture based approaches to thermal comfort (eg. building materials, traditional cooling methods, communal spaces). The project is only in its beginning stages but aims to provide the design community with an overview of the benefits of reviving the architectural designs of a pre-air-conditioning era and understand how the passive thermal control mechanisms of such designs can connect with the current language of ‘green’, ‘eco’ and ‘sustainable’ architectural design. More information can be found here;

At present we are accumulating information on the following;
- vernacular architecture in the South East Asian region
- traditional cooling methods in vernacular design
- architects with a focus on sustainable / environmental conscious design
- bioclimatic skyscrapers
- air conditioning design, incorporation into residential and business spaces
- cooling alternatives that reduce the need for air conditioned spaces

We would appreciate any information, links or contact details of individuals or organisations involved in projects related to the above points. Apologies if any of this information has already been posted on various threads, I am still searching through the previous listings.

Thanks in advance,
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