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Airport city projects

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Beit Haarava


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The title is misleading, it should by Airport City projects.
And the Unitronix Building is complete, I often visit this place, and its a very nice area.
איפה זה בדיוק?
the projects are really impressive

especially the last one imho :cheers:
i love it too:)
good taste:)
אני לא מעודכן בכלל אני רואה... מה אלו כל הפרויקטים האלה?
This is a very nice thing...

I really like how they are making the area very useful. Is this in lod?
in any case, what are they planning on doing is this all convention centers or is this hotels or anything like that.

If i had some money i would buy some plot of land and create a quick warehouses to store items...bonded warehouse..

all i need is some time and possibly no more than 125,000 USD..
who's in it? :)
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^^Its right at the entrance to the Airport(NATBAG), near Kfar Shmaryahu.
^^Kfar Shmaryahu it's near Netanya!!!!(between Netanya and Hertzliyya)
^^lol I ment Kfar Truman...:D
lol thanx god u didn't said between Kfar Sava and Tel Hai:lol:
zohar theres also a large conference hall and hotel.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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