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Al-Ahwa TV

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The post consist to post all the catchy video that you may found in Youtube, Dailymotion, breakstuff, etc :cheers:



Please welcome Sandaltaker :D

My second favorite actor :D
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Nice idea, by the way.

Just wanted to point that out. :lol:

I'll post some stuff as well!
Ah you guys :eek:hno:

:D Okey let me start off with my first videos :D

Credits goes to Sir Shawky Gerrard

I found this guy's videos on youtube and I nearly broke my jaw on the floor how talented he is, I thought he must of been working in a Major production company, absolutely amazing videos.

Few of my Fav.

and with no intention to start any problems.

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For some reason I cannot stop watching this video.

Here goes hitler as a candidate in the elections :)


"Heck! The pita bread is now smaller than the size of my hands!!"

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I'm loving the new video from Egypt's youtube channel.

I FOUND THE SHARK! Pause at 2:55
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^ :lol:

Such a beautiful video! :uh: Im very impressed with our advertising campaigns!
Montrealers do you have space for adverts :D

This ad is shown all the time in the British TV OMG It's soo annoying I got bored of it, here is the Egyptian themed version.

beretanya kolaha 7efzet el 2o3'nya deh.
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Best egyptian ad ever, thanks to vodafone AND Adel Emam
Beautiful, Beautiful Ad. Love it. That is Egypt in pictures. :applause:
very touching.
Amazing Ad by Cocacola :applause:

no idea where to post it
but can anyone explain what is this?
a police officer trying to stabilize the unstable baltagya :D as for the people around him that's normal in Egypt :D just shout 7aramyyyyyyyyyyyyy in Egypt and you'll find 5x these numbers running behind him :lol:
Egyptian rush in on mobs :lol:

On a serious note

This is abdel aziz street where balatageya of amn el dawla have taken possession since few weeks now and everyday they are starting something and SCAF only send police and es3af to fold the scenes after the crimes is done..and send the injured ppl lel finally one police decided to act nuts and i guess he ran after them with his semi automatic blowing shots in the air of course..Poor people are happy ..its looking good indeed.But somehow it also look suspicious that the blue print view of the recording camera is been with him step by step in his adventure..fakarouni bee ''3amacha fel Adghal'' movie !!
A quote explaining what is happening. But i'm kinda against his explanation since he shows his anti-Scaf position.
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Omg... Listen to the begining
These videos are tocuhy :D

Couple more,

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