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Al-Faisal Tower | 52 fl | 227m | COM

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name:al-faisal tower
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Excellent news! Glad to see this one confirmed!
Al Faisal Tower in Dhafra
Owner: Al Faisal Holding Company
Budget: $70 million
Scope: The project calls for design and construction of Al Faisal Tower in the towers district in Al Dhafra. This will be an office tower with a base area of 4,000 sq m and height of 227 m. The tower will have two levels of an underground car park, ground floor, mezzanine floor and 52 upper floors. The tower will have 65,500 sq m built up area.
Status: Sources close to the project indicate that Al Habtoor has signed finance agreement with Qatar Islamic Bank. Another agreement was signed with House of Architecture to supervise the entire project.

June 2007
It is U/C right in front of City Center!

Going ahead with the middle structure:

Steadily going up... love this tower!

ohhh about selhoute tower

well I heard it's not on hold, there is something wrong with the construction and they need to demolish it completely. I'm not sure what exactly wrong though. first of all I thought it's just a silly rumor. but one of my friend told me that he met an engineer who work on this project, and this guy said " yes it's true"

guys if you notice there is no works in the towers around the selhoute. I'm getting to believe this theory is true
eagleheart this is not true :) There are 2 things:
- Silhouette tower stopped because the owner fired the contractor who was reclaiming unjustified variation order money. It went to court and the case has been settled. Now that all legal procedures are over, a new tender has been launched for finishing the tower, which of course will be awarded to a different contractor.
- You're totally right the 2 towers surrounding Silhouette have stopped for a long time. However these 2 projects are built by the same contractor, which also has a 3rd project in West Bay which is on hold too, and this one is not next to Silhouette. I guess this contractor has its own problems too but this is not linked to Silhouette being next to it.
These coincidences have led people to think there is a technical problem on Silhouette but this is not true, proof being that there is a new tender in the market calling up for finishing works on the tower. At least this is the info I got and I hope I'm not wrong :)
taken @ the begining of this month . .

Nice density :)
Ooooh thanks for the pics, but I hope they dont go for these extra-floors. The 'hanging' feature is what makes this tower original!
:) hopefully you are right!
^^I think the entrance is on the other side of the tower - opposite Intercon. Indeed if they build an access road in between the landscaping and the tower, I can already see everybody using it to bypass the red light at the intersection : )
1 - 12 of 82 Posts
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