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Al-Faisal Tower | 52 fl | 227m | COM

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name:al-faisal tower
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Excellent news! Glad to see this one confirmed!
wow :banana: creative ,i love new idea all ok Except top part it looks like bathroom windows!!!:eek:hno:
Great news... Thanks Salman!
Nice but not new...
absolutely a creative design ^^
an excellent tower ... ver exactly is this gona be built...???
Al Faisal Tower in Dhafra
Owner: Al Faisal Holding Company
Budget: $70 million
Scope: The project calls for design and construction of Al Faisal Tower in the towers district in Al Dhafra. This will be an office tower with a base area of 4,000 sq m and height of 227 m. The tower will have two levels of an underground car park, ground floor, mezzanine floor and 52 upper floors. The tower will have 65,500 sq m built up area.
Status: Sources close to the project indicate that Al Habtoor has signed finance agreement with Qatar Islamic Bank. Another agreement was signed with House of Architecture to supervise the entire project.

June 2007
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^^ No way! I thought it would be near Movenpick towers or even W Hotel! But, that road will look most impressive, starting with Qipco Tower, Qatar Navigation Towers, Al-Fardan Towers, City Center Towers, this one, and Salam Towers. THE BEST ROAD IN DOHA!
^^ indeed a great road thanks massilia, i thought it was abandoned oh well atleast the hanging tower is U/C ! btw bert how come you dont have a pic of the information board with the render on ?
wOOOOOOOOOOOOw U/C :nuts::nuts::nuts:
yeah it looks way better in that pic, thanks ahmed :)
Those two columns must have tons of concrete already to support the building. But, looks like the building will be a steel and concrete. Not sure, though. Thanks for the pic; looks clear from Al-Fardan Towers!

BTW, welcome back Bert to DOha!
this building will certainly look odd, didnt you guys notice Qatar has this weird type of construction method ? like the education city convention centre, Qatar science and technology park and now this... and the future Doha club (looks futuristic !!)
21 - 40 of 82 Posts
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