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Al Mahhar Islands?

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Does anyone here have any idea about this project, I found some pictures in this site, it looks amazing.
You could see in the map that the project contains an amuesment park (not a water park, we have enough of those).
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Is this project has been aprroved?
it looks amazing
It's an amazin project, just what we need. I've never heard of it nor do I know anythin about it. I'll try and look up what I can find.
Not so good,

I keep on thinking, why so many small tiny projects? Mahar isle, Dream Isle, ...etc,

They can put their money in one project, one Name. they will not capture International recognition with smaller projects.

And that tower in the pics??! you can install it on the moon instead
I've noticed that if you look at all the proposals of projects by this company, they all kinda look the same, and that makes it less credible imo. I'll doubt this will be built, if so, not anytime soon.
a nice looking project indeed

it's a pity there is no big news about manama's projects
very hard to find things out

for now it seems to be just a proposal
Guys It looks Like a amuesmet park, so it doesnt have to be huge, it does look a bit differant than the other projects in the country.
Its a BS project. Looked through it and had a very similiar project for Doha. It even had a Doha F-1 track which im sure is not right.
All of these projects will be in Doha, coooool. I wonder when, I hope it will be sooner not later.
Who said all of them will be in Doha, this clearly has a Bahrain Tower thing in it. Only one proposed park is in Doha, not the whole website.
I heard this project is going to tender soon ...
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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