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Alameda Corridor East

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I had not heard about this project until today. There's a certain rail line that runs through the SGV that is being grade separated through major streets. Can someone share some info about the line?
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Can you read about it
^^I don't see Alameda Corridor East there.
The Alameda Corridor is in the East Side Chump!
there are works in progress to grade seperate valley blvd between eastern and marianna. not really sure how its going to impact the warehouses just off valley but i thought it was interesting.

its all to seperate valley blvd from the tracks in that location.
its a few items down on this page:
Good looking out Steve, easy to read chart...
with a big cartoony boat!
but were are the choo-choo trains?
.... so anyways getting on topic. The East Corridor should be fully finished by when? Also who's funding it?
ither the MTA or Caltrans would be funding it. and given the scope of the project it should take many years
I thought that I heard 2009. It's being done by the ACTA, so whoever funds them funds this.
^ Do you mean the OCTA, right?
well then i guess im completely wrong...

...maybe i should start a wiki page?
.... once again!
^ Do you mean the OCTA, right?
Isn't OCTA for Orange County? The San Gabriel Valley is in LA, this rail line is being called the Alameda Corridor East, so I would assume that it is they who are doing this. ACTA.
^ Yeah I guess so... my bad just for this one time.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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