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Albania and Kosovo

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2 small countries , 1 nation (Albanian) , 1 touristic presentation !

This new thread is inspired by the Albanian government and Kosovar government new decision to present Albania and Kosovo together for the global touristic guides ...

Republic of Kosovo is recognised by UK and other 105 UN members as an independent and sovereign state .

Tirana , the capital of Albania

Prishtina (Pristina) , the capital of Kosovo (Kosova)

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Byzantine Orthodox church of Saint - Michael (Shen Mëhilli) in Vithkuq , ALBANIA

from FB
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Fortress of Artana

Ruins of Saint Peter Catholic Albanian church near Mitrovica

Archaeologic object (Illyrian or Dardanian) of Tjerrtorja site near Prishtina (Neolitic - The Goddess on the Throne - Museum of Kosovo in Prishtina)

Rubik , Catholic Church of Shelbuem of 1272 , sec. XII- XIII (One of the most important churches of Albania)

Ksamil - Ionian Sea - Southern Albania

Valbona National Park in the Albanian Alps (Bjeshkët e Namuna)- Northern Albania

Gjirokastra Historic Center (Unesco Protected Area) - South Albania

Kruja Castle and the National Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg Museum - Central Albania

Berat Castle and Orthodox Monastery (Unesco Protected Site) - South Albania

Antique Theatre of Phoinike (Finiq Archaeological Park) - South Albania

from Discover Albania in FB
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Lord Bayron in Albania ... a square in Tirana has his name too .

very beautiful photos, thnks
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