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Albert Vaults | Chapel Street | 8 fl

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Albert Vaults | Chapel St
Residential | Salford



Basic information
  • Status: Under construction

  • Nearest transport:

  • Address: 169-171 Chapel Street Salford M3 6AD

Detailed information

A planning application has been submitted for Albert Vaults. It can be viewed here.

18/71489/NMA | Application for a non-material amendment to planning permission 15/66691/FUL for change to the East, West & North elevations by replacing the proposed powder coated dark grey spandrel panels between windows with blue, change to the proposed South elevation facing the railway viaduct consisting of removing the recess between the blue and red brickwork so all brickwork to this elevation will be flush and all standard windows to the upper floors will have their head reduced in height above floor level by 75mm. masonry set back in relief of the red brick by 25mm

Site today:

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There are a few elevation diagrams but nothing major. Basically says whats being amended in the description above.
Thats the oddest looking crane I've ever seen :lol:
Which plot half_empty? The mini car park next to this?
This building looks like it's going to be quite nasty but it's small enough to be insignificant. Does anyone know who owns the corner plot (corner of Chapel Street and New Bailey?)
I don't know anything myself. I was thinking about it recently though. Theres also the 90's redbrick building a little further up, Reich House.
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I don't think you can really compare those two images nor can you say how drastic the change will be.
Old CGI. It wont be clad in that material. It's being clad in brick.

Are Calderpeel just updating what could have been?
Calder Peel Architects, Instagram.

1 day ago.

This CGI hasn’t been posted on the thread yet.

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Looks more like an office block from the 90's to me. Not sure on this one.
A lot better could have been constructed too
A lot worse could have been constructed here, pretty inoffensive to me.
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