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alexandria , Egypt

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Thank you, I was waiting to see photos that a member has taken himself of Alexandria a long time.
I visited Alexandria when I was 10 and while I remember that I loved the city, the smell and sound of the sea and expecially the people I don't have any photos.

I would like it very much if you could post more street level pics of the neighbourhoods.

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Really nice work :) Alexandria is a great city. I like it! Thanks :eek:kay:
wow, great photos. i'd love to see more. and to think that the world's tallest building stood there for thousands of years...

I think the Alexandria waterfront is marvellous. Please post more pics. Thanks.
Great photos.
I've been to Cairo in Feb and I have to tell you Alexandria looks much more.... elegant?
Can't wait to see this city
Nice pics , is there still great and world famous library in the city ?
thanks alot for ur replies :)

I'll try to take other photos as soon as possible .

about this pic :

it's an old mosque here in alexandria .
muslim prayers still held on it since ages . :)

that's location from GoogleEarth :

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Finally, we have Egyptian forumer in SSC ! Welcome Mohamed .

Nice pics of Alexandria. I went to Egypt 2 years ago and stayed Egyptian families in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan. I didn't manage to visit Iskandariyah .

Are you from Iskandariyah anyway ?
Alexandria is beautiful, a very mediterranean city! Thanks for your nice pics!
surprising place
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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