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This is the view from my driveway after returning home from Delta Sonic car wash this evening.

Look at them, all lined up in a row, watching me, waiting... it's almost as if they're hatching some nefarious plot. Oh, that's just silly. They're only birds.


There is a west wind blowing out of your home state
Full of stories of the glories of your childhood days
Of the woods you roamed and the games you played
All that summer they were blasting out the interstate
And I know you're from Indiana

You have the southern pride, you have the yankee fear
You had a horse to ride, you have a taste for beer
One of the things you have now is me
I know you're from Indiana

I have never seen the streets of your hometown
But the day will come along when I'll be driving through
If you're with me, you'll show me all around
But if I'm with somebody else I'll be so lonely for you
And I know you're from Indiana

Your family moved away, they went to Oregon
Abandoned your home state, left it all alone
Now you've got one foot on the west coast and one on the east
And your heart's out in the middle of an empty field
And I know...

Is it pretty there? Would you take me there?
Would you show me where you lived?
Were you happy there? Would I like it there?
I'd like anywhere that you lived
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