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all around Estonia - my big photothread!

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tallinn skyline -

highrises from left to right: hotel olümpia, tornimäe towers, union bank hq, hotel radisson sas, city plaza, hotel viru.


here in this thread i will collect my photos from different places in estonia - mainly tallinn and tartu, but smaller places as well. hope this thread will last until i drop :)

and i sure hope you enjoy these upcoming views and architectural pearls/mishaps of my sweet home-country! :tyty:

the opening tour coming up in a few moments...
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I - pirita-kose and maarjamäe in tallinn

the skyline photo in post one was taken from somewhere near the green dot.
the area photographed roughly fits in the red square.
blue circle = old town
yellow circle = highrise district

this area started to develop after world war 2. before that only a few buildings - mostly summerhouses, and a mansion had been built. today most buildings here are private houses from 1950's. in the late 1990's the area again started to boom. in this post you will see those newer buildings.

1. probably from 1990's - weird postmodernism.

2. early 2000's - rowhouses.

3. on the edge of the area some older buildings can be seen. this one, i'd say from 1920's.

4. one of 2 functionalistic buildings here that i know of. from 1938, built by richard falkenberg - unfortunately not well-known.

5. a fantastic private house!

6. one more from the early 1900's.

7. i kinda laughed when saw this.

8. some newer architecture.

9. gnomes!?!? ftw?

10. too bad this wasn't built in the 30's.



13. lovely neofunctionalism!









22. i love it!

23. this is what i call bad taste - built in recent years, but would fit fine in the 1890's... sad!
(not that the building's not nice - it is! but not in its place or time...)



26. the one and only person seen in this post! the photos were taken on a monday morning (;



29. a reminder of the area's past. typical late 1800's wooden architecture.

30. a postmodern dollhouse.

31. another example of bad taste. a medieval castle from 2000's... yuk.

32. a fine example of funk.

33. and... a palace anno 2007 (':

hope you liked!
be sure to come back every once in a while (;
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Awesome houses! :happy:
Is this a particularly wealthy area?
Sone really great examples of neo-functionalism youve got there. I like. :eek:kay:
Is this a particularly wealthy area?

not really... i'd say this area is for the upper middle class (excluding buildings in photos 33 and 31).

but i'm planning to take some trips in the really wealthy areas of tallinn (;
Whoa, those guys most be really stinking rich if they are above the upper middle class. Didnt even know that was possible, unless you were an aristocrat, king or bishop or something,
Nice thread. You should take a trip to Viimsi and Kakumäe peninsula and Merivälja too...;)

thought Funk is great, everywhere... this and the complex at maasika street, are ugliest funk buildings i have ever come across, seriously huge mistakes in my book....

Neofunk is quite striving in Estonia right now, thats a good thing, since it combines simplicity, class, functionality and modernity, uh - eternal style!
Maarjamäe area is pretty nice, btw, would have loved the tram to be built there, as planned in 1930s :(.
Superb, owners have taste for architecture!

Btw, the quality of the pictures is way above average, got a new camera?
rebasepoiss - thanks! pirita, (maarjamäe again), merivälja and viimsi are in my 'to do' list (;

m - fortunately it's just your book :lol: though i don't find this particular example a masterpiece, i still find it quite nice, as the maasika-vaarika complex :)

i'm glad you noticed the quality! no, still using my cheap brick-camera, but last night i learned how to resize without losing any quality (in photoshop 7.0)! i'm so proud of myself xD
^^ And you've got every reason to be proud of yourself, Jarmo! :bowtie:

Thanks for the show. :) Can't say that I'm exactly in love with most of them, but I gather their owners are happy, and that's what counts. As the trees and shrubs grow it will become a very pretty neighborhood.
thanks, d! :)

alright, time to move on - to south-estonia.

II - tartu. some shots from the old town.

1. may 2. snowing?!? view from my dorm room window.

2. may 3. 5.46 am.

3. tartu town hall square.

4. a building from 1940 - built by nikolai kusmin.

5. beautiful classicism - what tartu is quite known for.

6. from 1878 if i remember correctly...

7. bank building from 1879. it used to have a huge balcony on the 3rd floor, but it was removed in 1908.

8. some details of this building -



11. the coat of arms of tartu.


13. and the building's fine interior - from 1908.

14. the pisa of tartu x)

15. built in 1793.

16. signs that are very common in tartu :)

17. town hall - example of late baroque, early classicism. from 1789.

18. the kissing students. they were maintaining the fountain, therefore no water at the moment...



21. tartu university main building - built in 1809 by johann wilhelm krause.

22. what used to be the university church - now an archive. from 1860.


24. gustav adolf ii.

25. door of university cafeteria.


27. main building again.

28. monument to jaan tõnisson - a statesman.

29. rüütli / knight street.

30. good funk in old town - from 1937 by arnold matteus.




34. a wooden building, i think from 18th century... (quite many of them around here)


36. and finally a superb new building!

that's it for now. more photos to come as soon as the weather gets better :)
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Looks like a lovely little place, thanks for pics.
Very cool, the last building.
Did a Swedish king really found a university here?
great stuff from Tartu Jarmo! vanalinn 1/31.jpg
This makes my Deco sense tingle, definitely has some nice Decorativity to it, like the metal railings, id call it Estonian Deco :D

Rüütli street is pretty special, too bad you didnt make a nice panning shot of the street furniture, though you can see a bit of it from the corner of that picture.

And btw, Tartu seems much more progressed towards the summer than our waring capital Tallinn.
Always surprising that Estonia developed so fast to reach its current level. Great housing ! Most Estonians live in a house ? Nobody lives in a high-rise ?
^^ Unlike in Malaysia, Skyprince (and particularly KL, Penang and other big cities), tall(er) residential buildings do rise up in Estonia, although perhaps not always as tall. :yes: Yet, possibly being less bound and limited by the available space, many lower rise residential buildings (single family and apartment buildings alike) are going up as well. :) While all this occurs there is considerable construction activity in downtown Tallinn and in the Rotermanni Quarter. Plus, and you shouldn't forget this: there are constant works going on to make Tallin's all to many commieblocks more attractive and more habitable! (Now please don't tell me that isn't so all you diehard commieblock fans out there!) :D

I figured I should add these details in order to contribute to your general understanding of the building situation in Estonia, but you're right with your general assessment: Estonia is doing GREAT!!! :eek:kay:

@ Jarmo: thanks for the additional photos and your brief but ace commentary! :)

In particular (just one--I won't expand ;) ), why is there that lion on the door of the student cafeteria? Is he there to tell you not to be greedy? :eat:
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Always surprising that Estonia developed so fast to reach its current level. Great housing ! Most Estonians live in a house ? Nobody lives in a high-rise ?
Most of the people live in flats(we have lots of commieblocks), but of course we have districts of private houses as well.

And a swedish king really did found a university in 1632.
btw Jarmo you should post these separate parts, i.e I or II, or even III, into separate threads or separate pages, so i dont have to load all em pictures at once :p
And a swedish king really did found a university in 1632.
Can you believe that the Danish crown didnt found a university in Norway untill 1813? And the Swedes founded universities in Finland AND Estonia long before that. They are not good for anything, those Danes.:eek:hno:
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