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All Over Europe 2

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My new GTC series.
According to Wikipedia (yeah, I know...) Europe consists of 46 independent countries.

So, there'll be 46 pics, one from each country in a random order. I will definitely not make it very easy.

Country guessing IS allowed in the first 23 threads.
Three guesses per post.

Good luck!
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Poznan? Lodz? Wroclaw?
Austria? Czech Republic? Italy?
Miskolc? Brest? Vilnius?
Bratislava? Katowice? Glogow?
I'd suggest country guessing first.
The country is Poland. And if it ain't, I'm going postal.. ;)
It is in Silesia? Lubin, Legnica, Opole?
Zielona Gora? Krakow? Kalisz?
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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