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Here are some pictures that i took 2 weeks ago in Almaty.

Night view

New offices working at night to make grow more Kazakh economy

Skyline apperaing - five years ago on this place was nothing.

KIMEP building from high - Kazakh Economic Academy - where young managers are coming from to rule better this booming economy.

Almaty street scene

New K-Cell ofiice - One of the biggest national cell companies

Cranes, cranes, cranes..

Holiday inn Almaty u/c

Nurly Tau u/c ( 4 x 28 fl.)

Samal District

Strategic researches Institute almost completed

New buildings on Al-Farabi avenue

Townhouses in the upper part of the city

Samal District

Dostyk avenue

No fresh air to breath...

View from Kok-Tube

Apple is the symbol of the city

Rahat towers u/c (2 x 27 fl.)

Tengiz Towers completed this year

Part of the circus building and Tengiz towers on the background

Russian mountains and TV tower on the background

Residential building u/c near National Drama Theatre

Alliance Bank Office

Furmanov str.

New CenterCredit Bank office almost completed

Almaty Court Building

China everywhere

On almaty streets you dont see people, you only see cars...

Stalin arhiteture

Kazakh National Music Academy and Capital Center Residence

Capital Center residence

KazakTelecom Building and children playground

Ablai Khan avenue

The camels near "Alma-Ata" hotel

"Alma-Ata" hotel

E-Government has become the national program, so now every mayor had to have a direct connection with people

Furmanov str. again

National Abai Opera House

City Center Traffic

"Alma-Ata" Mega Mall almost completed

Residential buiding neat Alma-Ata Mega Mall

New resideantial buildings near Alma-Ata Mega Mall u/c


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Great pictures.

Enjoy the explosive growth while gas prices are sky high. They might not stay up there forever.

I give you a lot of credit for not replacing Cyrillic with Latin the way Azerbaidjan did.

How is building Astana going on?

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almaty looks nice. the place certainly is booming!

i read an article in forbes magazine about how kazakhstan is just getting into the insurance industry. preparing to take a test to get my insurance producers' license myself, i'm interested in doing business in kazakhstan somewhere in the future. from what i see, it looks like kazakhstan is a gold mine for entrepreneurs.
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