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Alternative independence

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We all know that Estonia gain independence in February 24th 1918.

But what you think when is the better date for alternate independence?

I think it's March 19th 1917, when Russia's temporary government appointed Jaan Poska to governor of Estonia.

Other date is June 4th or 5th 1917 when Estonia celebrated 100th year of freeing from slavery.

What you think?

I create Estonia's alternate timeline features and I hope you can help me.
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There was sth similar on another fourm... either or ytra/ühistransport sth... don't remember the exact page... sorry
I'm not writing alternate history novel :).

Actually I'm writing a database about Estonia's alternate reality. I'm doing this because my hobby is science fiction writing and alternate reality is background information for my stories I'm writing.

NB. There was no soviet occupation.
... say it. I don't mind.

My speciality is road works (actually I don't like it), but writing is my hobby and my interest.
i see. well good luck - it was just such an unexpected question that i became curious.
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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