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Amarillo's Skyline?

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Amarillo - USA

11587 Views 75 Replies 70 Participants Last post by  Leonardo M. Gaz
Amarillo, Texas, USA

Population: 180,000
Metro Population: 220,000

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Reminds me a combination of Toledo and Grand Rapids. Could use a few more buildings, heightage is good on that tall one there. 7/10
Apparently, Amarillo is a "one hit wonder" as far as skyscrapers is concerned. 5/10.
Okay as far as skylines go, but I agree with waccamatt, only one tall building. I give it a 5/10 for the effort.
waccamatt said:
Apparently, Amarillo is a "one hit wonder" as far as skyscrapers is concerned. 5/10.
Loving it waccamatt!

I got it anyway, dont know about the rest of these chumps.

"Show me the road to Amarillo, ...........
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^thats too funny.
Just as i entered this thread a news report came onto tv about that song.
So i get it too :D

the skyline... not terrible for a small city. but not great. 4/10
Show me the Way to Amarillo is currently Number One in the UK, thanks to a popular comedian :yes:
I vote 7.0

Amarillo looks very simular to Fort Wayne (Indiana)
I like it. Seems to be one of those nice "hidden" skylines you don't hear much about.
Only one real skyscraper, the rest of the city is rather flat. But it's quite impressive skyline for a city of this size. 6,5/10
I kinda like it. One big, tall building amid a good collection of midrises and lowrises, some of them historic. Nothing wrong with that at all. I wonder how healthy the city, and especially downtown Amarillo are as a whole. A city will usually get extra points from me if it's especially healthy. I'll wager a 7.
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Another random city I've been through. I remember literally seeing tumbleweed roll across the highway. It was pretty funny.

As for Amarillo's skyline, it isn't too bad. There are some nice historic buildings in there. I give it a 4.5/10.
I like the large, shorter buildings, with the tall one to top it off.

Not bad at all, 7/10. :banana:
no pics :(
Can't see the pics. I googled a couple. No real skyline.

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