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Men's Health magazine just ran an article alluding to the Top 100 most stupid cities. They based their rankings on the number of bachelor's degrees per capita, the number of universities, inhabitants' SAT scores, state creativity scores as assessed by Catalytix and the Richard Florida Creativity Group, and the number of Nobel Prize winners for physics and medicine born within the towns' borders.

The results are below:

1. Minneapolis, MN A+

2. Boston, MA A+

3. Denver, CO A+

4. St. Paul, MN A+

5. Seattle, WA A+

6. San Francisco, CA A+

7. Madison, WI A

8. San Diego, CA A

9. Colorado Springs, CO A-

10. Portland, OR A-

11. Chicago, IL A-

12. (tie) Kansas City, MO A-

Los Angeles, CA A-

14. San Jose, CA B+

15. (tie) Sacramento, CA B+

Oakland, CA B+

Nashville, TN B+

18. Des Moines, IA B+

19. Columbus, OH B+

20. Lincoln, NE B+

21. Tulsa, OK B+

22. Omaha, NE B

23. Fremont, CA B

24. Austin, TX B

25. Baton Rouge, LA B

26. Wichita, KS B

27. Cincinnati, OH B-

28. New Orleans, LA B-

29. Lexington-Fayette, KY B-

30. Oklahoma City, OK B-

31. Salt Lake City, UT B-

32. (tie) Spokane, WA B-

New York, NY B-

34. Charlotte, NC B-

35. (tie) St. Louis, MO C+

Richmond, VA C+

37. Boise, ID C+

38. Birmingham, AL C+

39. Milwaukee, WI C+

40. Phoenix, AZ C+

41. Jersey City, NJ C+

42. Virginia Beach, VA C+

43. (tie) Albuquerque, NM C+ Raleigh, NC C+

45. (tie) Aurora, CO C+

Grand Rapids, MI C+

47. Norfolk, VA C+

48. Little Rock, AR C+

49. Atlanta, GA C+

50. (tie) Durham, NC C

Dallas, TX C

52. Memphis, TN C

53. Akron, OH C

54. Arlington, VA C

55. Montgomery, AL C

56. Washington, DC C

57. Long Beach, CA C

58. Louisville, KY C-

59. (tie) Houston, TX C-

Anaheim, CA C-

61. Rochester, NY C-

62. Chesapeake, VA C-

63. Pittsburgh, PA C-

64. (tie) Tacoma, WA C-

Tucson, AZ C-

Fresno, CA C-

67. Mesa, AZ C-

68. Baltimore, MD C-

69. Indianapolis, IN C-

70. Honolulu, HI C-

71. Orlando, CA D+

72. Shreveport, LA D+

73. Anchorage, AK D+

74. Cleveland, OH D+

75. Scottsdale, AZ D+

76. Lubbock, TX D+

77. Bakersfield, CA D+

78. Detroit, MI D+

79. San Antonio, TX D+

80. (tie) Riverside, CA D+

Jacksonville, FL D+

82. Fort Worth, TX D+

83. Philadelphia, PA D

84. Modesto, CA D

85. (tie) Toledo, OH D

Stockton, CA D

87. Yonkers, NY D

88. Garland, TX D

89. Buffalo, NY D

90. Plano, TX D

91. Tampa, FL D

92. Providence, RI D-

93. St. Petersburg, FL D-

94. Miami, FL D-

95. Greensboro, NC D-

96. El Paso, TX F

97. Newark, NJ F

98. Las Vegas, NV F

99. Laredo, TX F

100. Corpus Christi, TX F

101. Fort Wayne, IN F

According to this, Rochester and Buffalo are fairly stupid. But hey, at least they're not Ft.

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Another useless ranking to belittle the same cities and boast the same ones over and over. Who else to expect this from other than Men's Health.. The number of universities? Isn't that a little broad? And creativity, which I presume is based solely on opinion? Did they stop by everybody's house to see what they could draw or paint on a blank canvas or what music they would make with a new instrument? :sly: I'll give the bachelor degree average some credibility, but a lot of the criteria seems a bit ridiculous. Here's a thought, they don't mention practical intelligence, just standardized tests and an apparent creativity score that's reliable enough to report this.

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wheelingman said:
Of course red states have the most morons.
...and you live in Wheeling, West-by-God-Virginia; and you have the nerve to make such a stupid statement? Btw, welcome to the "Stupid thread." Your comment now qualifies you as a charter member.

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Another ranking that compares cities with small boaders which are dominated by their poof inner city neighborhoods against cities with vast boarders dominated wealthy highly educated suburban areas. It is always fair to compare the inner city with the wealthy sububan styled cities. By the way there is no way that Minneapolis beats Boston.
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