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Amorgos - the Magic Island​

Amorgos is a 40 km long, 4-7 km wide island in southern part of Cyclades. Is one of the most mountainous Greek islands and as a result, one of the two that produces clouds and have a little less sunny weather than most Greece.

Is somehow like Athos Peninsula, a long and lower crest that in its eastern extremity has a mountain 821 m high, and as Athos, the mountain enter abruptly in water.

Because its mountainous landscape, it has few beaches and the tourists that visit it come in a greater measure for culture than in other islands. Over the last decades, a sort of special society was created by the tourists and the locals, both considering the island special.

Although relatively large - 126 km², it has only some 1800 inhabitants. The main villages are Katapola, the biggest settlement and port, Aegiali, the second port and Chora which is not on shore but in the middle of the island, on top of the crest. Chora is the finest in architecture, with typical white & blue Cycladic houses and churches.

On the north side the coast is very high and inaccesible on most of its lenght. On an almost vertical slope, at some hundreds of m above the sea is the gem of the island, the Byzantine Hozoviotissa monastery built in 11th century. The landscape here is unbelievable, the deep blue of Aegean, browinish cliffs and white monastery.

1 - 20 of 49 Posts
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