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Amstel between Blauburg bridge and theatre Carre.

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Part of the Blauwbrugbridge.

The Blauwbrugbridge.

Left the Blauwbrugbridge . On the right Museum Hermitage.

Bridge between Blauwbrug and Hermitage.

Part of the Hermitage with slogans for the exibition about Alexander the Great.

This bridge you pass on your way to Carre.



Some pictures of the so called Skinny Bridge..

A stroll along the Amstel.

Corner Prinsengracht - Amstel

Same corner but a little later.

Looking at the Prinsengracht.

The Mozes en Aaronchurch from the Amstel.

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undoubtedly one amazing city.
loving those night shots.
Great, very nice photos from Amsterdam :cheers:
Last hollidays I spend 1 week in amsterdam. I love it, quite beautiful city.
Beautiful night shots of this great city!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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