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Android app issues

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I've been using the Skyscrapercity app on iOS for a long time without any real issues. I have now bought an Android phone and it seems like a lot of apps for Android are really underdeveloped compared to the apps on iOS, including the SSC app.

Is anyone having issues where the unread handling feels completely arbitrary? I log on to my subscribed threads and sometimes they are greyed out and sometimes they're not. I've no idea what triggers this. Has anyone experienced the same issue and knows a solution to this?

Many thanks in advance!
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something similar is happening to me have you found the solution to this problem?
Yea I bought an iPhone. :-D
It's funny. I used the app on Samsung S9+ and topics I read had headings greyed out. Now I use iphone 12 with IOS and I can't tell which ones are read and which are not. No grey or bold.
The apps are no longer supported, in fact they haven't been updated in years as it is based on old software. The good news is that a new app is on the way, although I cannot say when it will arrive. In the meantime we recommend to use the mobile site.
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I use web page on iPhone but app would be better I think.
I cannot attach a photo today. There is a server error on web page.
^ that issue should be fixed now, could you try again?
I’ve just attached 3 photos. Looks ok now. Thanks.
Hi. There is a server error again when I try to add a photo to post. Could you check it please?


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yeah it seems to have the hiccups again, it's been reported
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The same problem again. What is going on? Three times in age days. I cannot load a photo again.
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