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O saber...


" Viajando por estrada de Luanda ao Huambo " via Dondo-Quibala-Waku Kungo" n茫o tem como passar sem " contemplar" esta beleza natural...

" As 谩guas quentes do Alto Hama, pertence ao grupo das 谩guas minerais naturais que se encontram no subsolo a grandes profundidades, s茫o nascentes sulfurosas. As 谩guas quentes saem por entre as pedras e caem em cascata. No tempo colonial as 谩guas quentes enchiam a piscina ao ar livre, local onde se encontrava uma est芒ncia de 谩guas termais. "
Foto: Samora Val茅ri

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Vista a partir do Morro do Kikombo na comuna do Kikombo, Sumbe, Cuanza Sul 2019
Estrada Nacional N掳100, quem vai 脿 Benguela passando pelo Sumbe.

Binga Beach...looks like Corsica or some secluded beach in Mallorca but it is Angola :love:

very interesting face ......and an old wise soul


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Ba铆a dos elefantes - Benguela

Could be somewhere in Califonia or Australia but it is in Angola :love:

If Angola had never had a war interruption, it would have been a top tourist destination by now...the country has tons to offer....

All these places would be marketed like crazy, if it they were situated in North America or Europe....bringing in billions in cash each year, huge formal employment opportunities and a massive image boost. Hopefully, younger Angolans will see this potential one day.

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travel back in time

destroyed by war & time

rebirth of the hotel next to the falls

celebrating independence


cozy :love:


this lady who was born in Angola has brought Poussada Calandula back to life with lots of love and dedication......(y)(y)(y)

her as kid back in Angola

Descubra o potencial da prov铆ncia de Malanje em Angola

鈥ep 18, 2019


Desde cataratas espetaculares at茅 脿s magn铆ficas Palancas Negras Gigantes, a prov铆ncia de Malanje tem tudo para atra铆r o turismo鈥

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Praia das Surfistas

if you strain your can spot bungalow perched on the hilltop....below you see the enlarged version

Angolan artist made a sculpture of a surfer which is about to be placed there

O nosso GIN 茅 um...... !!! GIN KIANDA
E 茅 nosso ....!!!
脡 destilado em Angola
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