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Another Aussie airline bites the dust!

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Looks like the end of the road for another startup airline.,5478,18777099%5E2862,00.html

Airline faces a rough landing
John Masanauskas

QANTAS is expected to axe its troubled offshoot, Australian Airlines, and hand the routes to Melbourne-based Jetstar.

Australian flies to destinations including Bali, Singapore, Hong Kong, Nagoya and Sapporo.
Its end was widely tipped after Qantas confirmed Jetstar, its successful low-cost venture, would start flying internationally from November.

Jetstar International will initially fly to the Asia-Pacific region and later to the US and Europe.

Qantas CEO Geoff Dixon and Jetstar CEO Alan Joyce are expected to announce the end of Australian Airlines this morning.

Mr Dixon foreshadowed the move in February when he revealed the Flying Kangaroo would go under two major brands: Qantas and Jetstar.

Australian, which suffered a $6.9 million half-year loss, had been hit hard by last October's Bali bombings and poor sales in Japan, he said.

Details of any job losses are expected to be announced today.

Jetstar spokesman Simon Westaway declined to comment on Australian's future, but said Jetstar would announce the first part of its international route network today.

Details of fares would be revealed in June, he said.
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So Australian's 767s going to Jetstar?

767s suck arse.

I'll wait for the Jetstar 787s.
The 767s will probably go back into Qantas service and Jetstar will commence flying with A330-200s which have been problematic on domestic routes.
It is just a name change really, it's still all Qantas at the end of the day.
Not a suprise really, they are just shutting that subsidiary down and handing it over to another division (Jetstar).

But still at the end of the day, it is still Qantas. Or should I say QANTAS is the premium arm of Jetstar considering Jetstar is taking over a lot of routes those days :runaway:
NOOOOOO, I like the Australian Airlines Colour Scheme, and its Black Kangaroo. Going past the Airport at Cairns and seeing all the 5 or 4 Australian 767's lined up there was always a welcoming sight.

Shame to see it go.
Grollo said:
It is just a name change really, it's still all Qantas at the end of the day.
It actually isn't! Well i guess you would be happy cause their moving the head office to your town.,. :gaah:
It was going to happen as soon as Jetstar began international ops anyway!!! Just happened sooner rather than later. It's called "business"!! :)
767s are going to Qantas until the 787s come in.
A330s are going to Jetstar, and will go bye bye come Dreamliners.
Yep, i heard that was the plan!! Can't wait til the 787's come on board.
SoulvisionQ1 said:
It actually isn't! Well i guess you would be happy cause their moving the head office to your town.,. :gaah:
better believe it!!! :D ANd we could get International flights out of Avalon aswell.
I'll piss my pants laughing if they start flying international out of who-gives-a-toss-Avalon.

"Welcome citizens of XYZ-Asian Country, welcome to Geelong!" etc.

Low-cost domestic business models would surely differ from low-cost international business models, hrm?


Budget carrier Jetstar pushes into Asia

By Stephen Moynihan
Transport Reporter
April 12, 2006

Qantas is accelerating its shift into the budget travel market, with its low-cost carrier Jetstar to begin international long-haul flights into Asia and Hawaii from November.

Jetstar International will initially fly non-stop services to five Asian destinations and Honolulu.

It could also consider launching the first international passenger services from Avalon Airport, near Geelong, which it now uses for some of its domestic flights.

Yesterday's announcement follows Qantas' decision to axe its loss-making international leisure carrier, Australian Airlines, from July.

Qantas chief executive Geoff Dixon said about 40 Australian Airlines jobs would be lost, but Jetstar's long- haul expansion would create 550 jobs, most of them in Victoria.

Melbourne-based Jetstar has applied to upgrade its operating certificate for long-haul flights.

Chief executive Alan Joyce said the airline would not rule out international flights from Avalon.

However, he said Jetstar was committed to keeping operating costs 40 per cent lower than Qantas and installing customs and immigration facilities at Avalon could be too expensive.

Jetstar will begin international flights in November. It will fly from Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney to six destinations, including non-stop services from Melbourne to Honolulu, Bali and Bangkok.

Jetstar will operate six A330-200 aircraft before swapping to Boeing 787 Dreamliners, with deliveries to begin in August 2008.

Passengers would be offered two classes of travel but will have to pay for meals.

The airline has indicated it may later add more routes from Melbourne, including to other destinations in Asia and possibly to Europe.

Mr Joyce said about 90 per cent of Jetstar's passengers booked flights online. The airline hoped to offer low-cost overseas air travel to new passengers, he said.

Melbourne Airport chief executive Chris Barlow welcomed the airline's announcement. He said it was good news for Victorian travellers and strengthened the airline's already successful stint at Tullamarine.
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HUN article has more meat in it:,5478,18789243%5E2862,00.html

550 jobs as Jetstar flies high
John Masanauskas, aviation reporter

NO-frills airline Jetstar has pledged significantly cheaper fares to Asia and the Pacific when it starts international flights in November.

Jetstar International will fly from Melbourne to Bali, Bangkok and Honolulu.

The Qantas subsidiary will also offer services to Vietnam, Honolulu and Japan from Sydney, and to Japan from Brisbane.

Qantas CEO Geoff Dixon said the launch of Jetstar International would provide an extra 550 jobs by mid-2007, most of them located at its Melbourne base.

"Jetstar will be grown aggressively over the next three years while we continue to expand Qantas's international operations," he said.

As reported in the Herald Sun yesterday, Jetstar will take over some routes now run by Qantas's other leisure carrier, Australian Airlines.

Australian will be merged into the Qantas brand from July, costing about 40 cabin crew jobs in Cairns.

In Victoria, Jetstar's new international flights will leave from Melbourne airport; but the airline's CEO, Alan Joyce, said Avalon, near Geelong, would be considered for overseas services later.

"We are talking to (airport owner) Linfox about the potential there, and we'll keep an eye on it," he said.

Jetstar, which will get new-generation Boeing 787 aircraft from 2008, is expected to launch flights to the US and Europe in 2011.

Mr Joyce said its Asia-Pacific fares would be revealed in June, including launch prices not seen before on those routes.

The Melbourne schedule will be two weekly services to Honolulu and Bali and three a week to Bangkok.

Unlike its domestic operation, Jetstar International will have assigned seating and two cabin classes.

It will start flying with six Airbus A330-200 aircraft.

Mr Joyce said the Melbourne head office would grow from 120 to 170 staff and the city would get a pilot and a crew base for its international services.

Jetstar also wanted a crew base in Asia, he said.

"We want some cultural dimensions to the service and some Asian crew," he said.
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tayser said:
I'll piss my pants laughing if they start flying international out of who-gives-a-toss-Avalon.
Melbourne has that option, unlike Sydney.
Avalon has such an awesome terminal & excellent infrastructure for international flights..................... :lol:
GOD! This is so unfair! Virgins still better though... :nono:
Go Richard, kick Dickson's monopolistic ass!:)
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Maybe Geelong will become a major international tourist destination?
Wezza said:
Avalon has such an awesome terminal & excellent infrastructure for international flights..................... :lol:
It's called upgrading and if it gets Int'l flights it will be upgraded obviously.
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