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Another "History" photo

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Any takers for the time period this was taken? :nuts: You think this one was in Autumn? Any ideas how I can tell what time of the day it was taken?
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WOW looks so dry and flat!
Eastern Freeway is open to traffic but Rialto it not yet built. I'd guess around about 1980.
WOW looks so dry and flat!
Even though the BOM and other climate statistics suggest that Melbourne receives equal rainfall thoughout the year it really isnt the case.

Late november through to April is dry and sunny. By autumn Melbourne's parks and gardens are brown. March and April are dry settled months.

This picture looks to be about 1980ish.
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The trees are starting to turn in the Parks which used to happen in April but now more like May. St Patricks offices are there which makes it post 1973, the Concert Hall seems to be under construction which started in the late 1970s. There is very little traffic around but Westgate seems to be open - 1979 - and the Westgate freeway site is just being cleared.

Early 1980s is the bet and the westgate freeway work the best way of pin-pointing the date.
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Half of Collins Place is topped out. So it would have to be between 1980 and 1981.
I'd say judging by the shadows, about 12:00 noon, and since Collins Place is nearing completion and the old State Bank centre is only partially built, the year would be either 1978 or 1979.
Don't forget the quality of the negative/photo means it's very brown, moreso then how brown melbourne was back then.
Tivoli Court in Bourke st. is there and I worked there from its completion till 1980....At lunch times I used to walk around the city looking at any new building sites....I agree that with the ANZ Collins place topped out and the 2nd. tower looks to be around the 35th. Hotel starting level so figure it around '79 -80. all the Elms have Autumn colour giving the city a very brown look but you can see lawn areas are still green.
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just found one of my Melbourne books with pics that align with this printed in is quite common for pics to be a year or two old so yep..78 -79 looks the go...Collector you probably know the day!
Collins place -Regent Hotel now Sofitel, was half way up in 79.
also you can see MMBW house on spencer st nearing compeltion. it was finished in 79.

this pic is from 79
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The foreground of that pic is amazing. I remember the water front was businesses like car repair and light industrial, warehouses and older inner city housing, but not the most desirable, like nearby Middle Park, Albert park etc. Now The whole area around Station Pier is buzzing...BeaconCove for those who want new homes or apartments near the bay and very trendy Bay St. , shops and restaurants...Many of the buildings along the shore are now pubs and restaurants, alive on weekends and many cruise ships stop by as well as the Tasmanian Ferries. Melbourne people have embraced the river and the bay like never's no Sydney harbour but the Bay on a beautiful day is a magnificent asset for Melbourne.
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