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Another Ritz-Carlton for Bahrain Soon

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Hey, well I've been reading through articles today and I found this about the Ritz-Carlton's future world expansions and it has somethin not only about Dubai but Bahrain also. Am not sure if they'll build a hotel themselves or run one of the new properties comin up. Regardless, it's good news (this is all I know), enjoy:

Bob Kharazmi
Senior VP, Ritz-Carlton International

The Ritz-Carlton is in expansion mode in the Middle East and Asia. But this blue-blooded brand is unlikely to grow beyond 80-85 hotels worldwide from only 59 today. Maintaining the highest standards of service culture remains the prime objective.

'We have just come from the opening of our 59th hotel in Jakarta,' says Bob Kharazmi, Senior Vice President of Ritz-Carlton International, the most senior executive outside North America who was visiting Dubai last week for the Arabian Travel Market.

'We have nine hotels under construction or negotiation in Asia: two in Beijing, three more in China, Kowloon in Hong Kong, and Tokyo. Plus we are in negotiations for Bora Bora and Fiji.

'But I would be very surprised if we had more than 80 to 85 hotels in 10 to 15 years time. We just want to have the best properties in the most strategic markets.'

Mr. Kharazmi explains that the 330-room, 121-serviced-apartment, high-rise Dubai International Financial Centre Ritz-Carlton is to be the next addition to the Middle East portfolio. This landmark hotel will also have a 20,000 square foot ballroom.

'We have almost closed a deal for a second hotel in Bahrain,' he says. 'And we are adding 120 more rooms to our Jumeirah Beach property, plus more meeting rooms and completely re-doing the spa; the hotel will be almost double its present size.'

He therefore sees 'good growth in 2005-9' and notes that 'Dubai is an incredibly vibrant market; the average rate has doubled; and there is a shortage of guest room supply.'

Yet how will Ritz-Carlton ensure that the group keeps the high service standards of its 29,000 'Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen' as the company philosophy runs?

'We are confident that our platform fits the majority of cultures around the world, as it is based on mutual respect and involving employees in the decision-making and operation of our hotels,' says Mr. Kharazmi.

'This gold standard culture fits every market. And when somebody joins Ritz-Carlton the first 10 days of training is spent on our principles, philosophy and culture.

'Food and beverage outlets are also very important to us as a connection with the local community, and appointing the right chef is vital to us.'

Elsewhere in the Middle East, Ritz-Carlton's top man is looking for an opportunity in Cairo and also Kuwait, and would also like to have a hotel in Oman. 'The Middle East is a focus for us and we are proud and privileged to be here,' he adds, only breaking off to greet the daughter of the owner of the Ritz-Carlton in Sharm El Sheikh.

Clearly the Ritz-Carlton intends to participate fully in the economic and hotel boom that is enveloping the region. But the commitment to the very highest standards and exclusivity will remain a barrier to overexpansion.
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cool, i think the new one will be some thing really nice
I would love to see this in the BFH (the 550 room hotel there), should be the perfect location.
Well I dunno yet, but I personally prefer one in the harbour myself. Wherever it is, it's still goin to be good.

Speakin of thr Ritz:

ONE of Bahrain's top hotels has stopped accepting bookings for the next five months while it refurbishes its rooms. Work on upgrading rooms at the Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Hotel and Spa got underway yesterday and is expected to continue until October. However, the hotel will continue to take bookings for its luxury villas and its other facilities will remain open - including the restaurants, recreation facilities, spa and beach.

Its facilities will also be available for receptions, weddings, conferences and other events. General manager Pascal Duchauffour told the GDN that the hotel plans to re-open in the middle of October, but will have a full opening on November 1.

"When the company moved to Bahrain in January 2003 we realised it's the best, well-established hotel in the country, but agreed the rooms needed to be brought up to a higher standard," he said.

"During the past two years we've been working on the detail and design plans for the refurbishment and now we are ready to make that change."

The new rooms have been designed by French designer Pierre Yves Rochon and take into account feedback from customers on areas that need improving.

"The rooms from the second to the fifth floor will remain as they are, but will be totally refurbished using rich designs and materials in the black and gold colour scheme," said Mr Duchauffour.

"On our executive floors, the sixth and seventh, we are expanding the size of the rooms by taking blocks of three rooms and converting them into two.

"These rooms will combine light and fresh colours with rich designs and parquet floors." The new executive floor rooms will feature the latest technology, including hi-speed Internet, flat-screen televisions and laptop computers.

Mr Rochon was involved in the design of the hotel when it was first built.

"He understands the Middle East very well through working here for several years and I'm sure he will do a stunning job with us here," said Mr Duchauffour.

He added that an avant-garde design would be used for the executive lounge and top floor.

"Right now we have 279 rooms and will be ending up with 260 after the size expansion," he said.

"Touches of the new room designs will also be implemented in our lobby, lounge area, restaurants and other places."

During this period some employees will be taking part in a cross exposure programme, working at Ritz-Carltons in Dubai and Doha, while others will embark on a leadership course in Switzerland.

"This renovation is a great opportunity to give our employees the chance to train, improve themselves and see another aspect of the company," said Mr Duchauffour.

The refurbishment is being done over the summer because it is a traditionally quiet period for the hotel industry.

"By completely closing down all the rooms we are able to work over a shorter period of time and not disturb any of our customers," said Mr Duchauffour.

"The work will be done 24-hours a day, but the noisy bit will be done around midnight and in the early morning hours so as not to disturb guests who use our other facilities."
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During Summer ???

anyways, the hotel got so old long ago and is in need for this renovation ASAP.
good news, although i dont think summer is a quiet period as they said
I was thinkin it can be that u-shaped island next to the old one. Well, I haven't heard anythin about it, but we'll have to wait on this one.
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