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Antalya & Nature

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:? 0 posts but I was eare a few minuts ago :? amazing landscaps this area in the pics is all in Antalya region? wath is the igh of the mountains in the 32 pic?
I don't know Arpels, I would have to search on the net but I'm too lazy, but it's high :D
Arpels it is Beydaglar Mountains. Its height is 3069m
Absolutely stunning photos, beautiful coast and mountains! :eek2:
Can anyone tell me, how many islands are there in Turkey and how many of them are populated ? :)
we have only two islands at the aegean (except some small, unpopulated islands) But we have so many peninsulas...
very pretty
a lot of people I know went over there and were very surprised by the real stunning nature around the city :yes:
I've been there in the Eastern holidays 2002, in a nice hotel at Hesapci Sokak (never forget that :) ). Was the first time I smoked a water pipe ^^
A park in Antalya[/img


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damn , I like this city more and more :yes:

I like these alot:

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nice.. thats the taleban country most people think its.
when i was theire i noticed a huge commieblock cluster on top of a mountain surrounding the city.. any info or pics?
yes Antalya has Turkish type of highrise commieblocks, you can see them background during the way to Antalya, but i think nobody has info about them:)
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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