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Antananarivo | Madagascar | City Gallery

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"The former Palace of the Prime Minister can be seen on the right."

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Great pics, love it.

Madagascar in general, is a VERY unique place. I wouldn't mind trekking there one day.
Antanarivo looks like a very calmed city, I like it very much! =)
Yeah, I like Antananarivo also. It has it's own character. It does look calm and relaxing at some locations and more vibrant at others.
Wow! The city itself doesnt have an impressive architechture, but it as an exotic taste that is quite inviting, I like the lake in the center of town and the football pitches. Thats a place to go in the next 2 years (after going to Bata, whatta surprise!)
Great pictures, thank you for sharing them.
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Wonderfull! Thanks to today banner that I knew Antananarivo. Really, it's spectacular. The houses in the hills look like Valparaíso, Chile.
Yes, it's a nice banner. Thanks for viewing the thread. Hopefully this thread can receive more attention in the future. :)
I seriously don't see why foriegn business's dont want to do business in Madagascar.

COSMETICALLY, Antan. is the best looking city in ALL of Africa. Well, tied with Abuja.
Antanarivo should be one of africa's most popular places.

1. WIDE variety of natural resources.
2. SHOCKINGLY low AIDS rate compared to the rest of Africa.
3. and the most beautiful.
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1 - 20 of 57 Posts
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