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Any concerns with tram headlights?

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Most of our trams have headlights on at all times, and often they are just as bright on bright days as at night. Our trams share the road with many other vehicles that have headlights off during the daytime, except at times of restricted visibility.
This is not only true here in Australia but in most other countries no further from the equator. This is the case in New Zealand, everywhere in Africa, Southern Asia and Central and South America. Also everywhere in North America with Canada being the nearest thing to an exception, being the only country outside Europe to require (Volvo style) driving lights on all new cars, but these are necessarily headlights.

It has never seemed to take much thought to see why headlights couldn't just be dimmed or simply off during the day.

Also see Drivers against daytime running lights.
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Can you please stop starting inane threads. There are plenty of existing threads where you can ask your question.
Small LED DTRLs are a glare issue.....? Wtf.

Much more fkn annoying is people with high beams on in busy urban areas at night blinding through other drivers through mirror reflection. Absolute idiots.
I don't fully get that post. Daytime running lights, as I have noted, are not the same as headlights. They are less bright, and in bright sunlight are barely noticeable.
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And they didn't back up their claims with any statistics or reputable sources, remember there is an intuitive reason to believe that headlights have no use in broad daylight.
I thought that the school holidays had finished.
I would suggest that daytime lights are only required to illuminate level crossing skirts. No skirts = no lights.
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He first brought this crap up in 2015, then after 18 months....
Re: Tram headlights too bright during the daytime
Postby Myrtone » Thu May 18, 2017 10:31 pm
It's been a long time, I have heard no objections to photosensors to control headlights. Many other things I have pointed out have been ignored.
Re: Tram headlights too bright during the daytime
Postby Daniel » Thu May 25, 2017 5:26 am
Ignored because there's really nothing to say. No one has raised any objection, but I would say you're the only one here in support of this solution for a problem that doesn't exist - so there's no point in further discussion.
So after the ATDB folk found his rantings inane, he thinks another year later he’ll get a better response here????

Is he trying to out-do this guy?
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