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Any good Turkish restaurants in Vienna?

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I will be flying into your glorious sublime city for the first time and I have googled restaurants with no luck whatsoever.
And no I don't mean the fast food hole in the wall "kebab" joints which also sell Pizza. Whats that all about? Fusion Cuisine?

Too, I have not had luck finding photos of downtown Vienna on this board.
Maybe its because I don't speak German.

Any advice in pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated, literally and figuratively.
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Kent in Ottakring nahe dem Gürtel...Ring des Proletariats....

Man kann sagen die Türkische Lokale das beste sind, dass eine miserable Stadt wie Wien anzubieten hat... eine Stadt wo man nach 20.00 Uhr kaum mehr irgendwo essen kann.....
Achh...habe vergessen:Wurst-standl Leo unter den Bögen der Währing oder?
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