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Now that Spyhole has beeen purchased by Goodle and made available for free online, I wondered whether people had any interesting satellite "finds."

This is most definitely Michael Jordan's house in Highland Park. (Off of Half Day Road--the large one with adjoining backetball court, and large yard surrounded by a recently planted line of trees. The other houses on the street ( I think) belong to members of his family.,IL%22&ll=42.200686,-87.837313&spn=0.008508,0.010450&t=k&hl=en

Alright, this was the "National Enquirer" contribution to thisposting. Does anyone have sitings of more substance?

On an unrelated topic, I'm still wondering what that glassy building on the north end of Goose Island is. (Visible from the North Avenue bridge.) It was panned by at least one forumer, but I liked what i saw. It is rather new, so it does not appear on satellite here.
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