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So is in more strife. He is trying to lay low for a while so he failed to turn up at a media event at 9.30 this morning in a lineway in Melbourne. The media was there when some woman turned up to tell the gathered throng that Mr So had been 'double booked' and would not be there. An hour later he was at some ceremony involving the Governor General. The media was also there.
So was interviewed and asked why he didn't keep his appointment.

His response had me in stitches. He was totally incomprehensible as he stammered and stuttered in his unmistakable accent. He tried to laugh it off with his silly, high-pitched laugh but what was hilarious was to to see him squirming as he tried to explain his non-appearance at the earlier event. It was obvious that he isn't a good liar.

The radio stations are also taking the mickey out of him. An interview last week was replayed the other day. He was totally unintelligible. Another councillor was interviewed. He reckons So's days as Lord Mayor are numbered. He is unlikely to seek re-election when his term expires next year and there is an increasing likelihood that he will quit early.
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