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ANZAC Bridge gets NZ statue

The statue of an Aussie digger on Sydney's ANZAC Bridge will soon have a brother-in-arms.

NSW Premier Morris Iemma and visiting New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark said today a bronze statue of a World War I New Zealand soldier will be placed opposite the existing Australian sculpture.

"The ANZAC story belongs to two nations, not just one. It is a precious inheritance shared by both sides of the Tasman," Mr Iemma said in a statement.

"This project is about putting the NZ back into ANZAC so it is fitting that a statue of a New Zealand soldier will be placed on the ANZAC Bridge."

Ms Clark said the two soldiers standing side-by-side will be an enduring testimony to the shared sacrifice of NZ and Australian soldiers.

The Kiwi statue will be crafted by sculptor, Alan Somerville, who made the original Digger statue in 2000.

Mr Somerville was born in New Zealand and holds dual Australian and New Zealand citizenship.

The New Zealand soldier will be similar in size, materials and appearance to the Australian Digger soldier.

The main visible difference will be the distinctive lemon squeezer hat worn by the NZ military.

The idea was proposed by the NSW Branch of the RSL, and will be funded by the NZ Government.

It is expected to be in place by next ANZAC Day.

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