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Apartment or Real Estate investment

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I visit these forums every now and then but wanted to ask which forum is appropriate to ask/discuss possible apartment or real estate investment, both for personal and purely investment purposes.
I live overseas so obviously I don't have first hand knowledge of most things happening in karachi now, for that I'm truly grateful to all of you guys who provide such useful information.
For example I recently found out about "70 Riviera" and "TheResidency" and from the photos both look fabulous. However, it seems like 70 Riviera might be a notch above theresidency. Unfortunately the booking is closed on both hence this question.
Is there a thread for such discussions for personal and investment purposes?

Sorry if this was the wrong forum for this question but I couldn't figure out where else to ask...

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These forums are for discussing urbanity, architecture and skyscrapers not for personal investment help.

You're better off asking your real estate developer, or visiting the sites by yourself. If you need forumer opinions, better send people a PM that you think have knowledge.
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