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Devine have submitted an application for a tower at the corner of Margaret and Albert Streets.

Application number: A002982245

Just trying to work out the specs from the hard to read plans.

Height = 129m/37st
Use = 420 Residential units (1 bed and 2 bed units only) + retail and a very small amount of office.

IMO it is very Q1esk without the spire.

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It doesn't look too bad...on the render at least.

Part of the development includes the removal of the gradient in Beatrice Lane, which is heritage listed, so I wonder if that might cause issues... They will be keeping and reinstalling the embedded Brisbane Tuff, but it is still possible it might become an issue...

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I actually dig the red bands, reminds me of the ING Building over on Edward Street. Anyway here are a few additional fun facts I noted from the DA:

Height: 129.2m
Ground level: 4.2m AHD
Site Area: 2,007.5sqm
Floors: 5 underground, 37 above ground
Apartments: 420
Gross Floor Area: 33,585sqm
Parking: 246 cars, 129 bikes
Lifts: 4 (2 of which stop at level 20)
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