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Type: Commercial
Floor: G+17​


Capital Square-Overview

Capital Square in Downtown Jebel Ali is an office space that’s in the heart of New Dubai. A splendid contemporary architectural design that is ground plus 17-storeys tall and offers vistas of wide-open spaces, vibrant greens and buzzing surroundings. A work environment that’s second to none, these offices are designed to ensure you stay ahead of competition. Energize your surroundings with the buzz of people by investing in a space that gives you the unique advantage of location. Capital Square also offers prime retail with covered walkways and cafes.

Capital Square offers the ultimate convenience for anyone seeking to work and enjoy their leisure time in one strategic location. As this unique environment offers leisure facilities, designed to meet and exceed the demands of the most competitive work environment. Enjoy the diversity that comes with working and rejuvenating both side by side.

Swipe access

Hi-speed internet
Reception desk
24-hr security & security cameras

Indoor/outdoor leisure facilities

Swimming pool

Aerobics room
Health club
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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