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Project: The Ebony & Ivory
Location: International Media and Production Zone
Floor Count: ?
Status: Approved
Construction start: ?
Construction end: ?


Dubai Holding has greatly expanded the scope of Dubai Media City’s operations by creating this huge new free trade zone; which is dedicated solely to media production activities.

Ebony & Ivory is located in the International Media Production Zone. The IMPZ will be the largest ever environment of its kind, and is going to create an unparalleled, eco-friendly and flexible production service environment in Dubai that will meet the unique needs of the media production and publishing industry worldwide.

The IMPZ is ideally located within close reach of Emirates Road, Jebel Ali Free Zone and Dubai Investment Park.

Sokook is part of the highly diverse group of companies that makes up the Al-Bakry Group for Trade and Investment; based in Riyadh in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. Over the past 5 years, Sokook’s Investments in Real Estate Development projects has reached well over US $300 Million – in Saudi Arabia alone. Among Sokook’s many developments are the following key projects:
• Durrat Abha
• Abha Mall
• Al Nawrass in Gizan
• Al Olaya in Al-Hassa
• Ward Al Taif
• Zahrat Al Khamis in Khamis Mushayt
• Al Akeek in Baha

Sokook has made it a goal to reach with their partners the summit, while maintaining their integrity and the trust of their clients.


• Temperature Controlled Outdoor Swimming Pool, Juice Bar
• Fully-Equipped Gymnasium
• Sauna, Steam Room & Spa
• Hobby Center for children
• Library Café
• Home Theatre Room
• Business Lounge & Business Center
• Library Café
• Library Café


• Closed circuit television and security card reader
• Camera covered parking / public place
• Video-phone facilities for all units
• SMS fire alert Services and Utilities
• 24-hour maintenance
• Reserved car parking for each unit
• Mail box for each unit
• Service lift
• Broadband Internet units
• Fully equipped laundry room


• Quality Tiled Floor Finishes
• Natural Stone Countertops
• Fully Equipped Kitchen
• Built-in Closets
• Brand Name Bathroom Accessories and Fixtures

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Ebony & Ivory, 15% discount

The Ebony & Ivory apartment complex in New Dubai will bee launched on April 17-18 at the Grand Hyatt Balroom with a 15% launch discount, with prices from $64,500. Sherwoods are agents, and 4.99% finance is available over eight years with no salary transfer.
Sounds like the name of 2 hookers.
^^ :hilarious Two ugly ones... as can be seen in the render
its the name of that song that Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder did...

renders look quite bad, maybe its just a matter of taste, but the name ? not sure that is right either , too many towers springing up not really seen any innovation for a long time Media city could do with a iconic piece ,
oh god... the name... no.... oh god no.
any chance to find out how many floors these have
full size renders of both would be great
well I counted the shorter one to be the other one must be 25 or 20...oh and we shuld remove the "The" from the title..there is no "the".

what an awful advertising concept! "Living in harmony"

they make it seem one tower is gonna be for white people, and the other for black people.

what's next? coconut and banana tower?
ebony has 18 floors with a roof pool and ivory has 16 floors with pool on ground
is 236,800 b4 15% discount or after
well they ripped tht off of the song ebony and ivory..
the lyrics goes like they live in harmonyyy
Ugly... I don't understand architects who design such 'things'.
They design them this way because it's the best way to build the most amount of space for the cheapest price
1 - 20 of 104 Posts
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