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#APPROVED-Jeddah:''Park Hotel''

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Does anyone have anymore info about this complex?

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According to the Park Hyatt Hotel website, they are suppose to be operating a hotel in Jeddah by 2006. I Think this might be it.

Park Hyatt Hotels
I never heard of it. Are you sure this photo represents the hotel that is
going to be build in Jeddah?

At the end Jeddah is in need for hotels.

if its park hyatt then i doubt they would cancel the project.
Park Hyatt was delayed due to the sudden death of the prokect coordinator and ex-GM of Hyatt Regency Jeddah (now SAS Radisson) from a heart attack last year. The project is expected to be delayed by one year... Is that realistic? My guess is yours :)
Will probably have a soft opening towards end of 2007
they look amazing ;)
^^maybe:dunno: but i seen tower look like these one abit it's called Gold International Center!!!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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