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Hello all,
We have set-up Ajman investors (Ajman Investor Group (AIG)).
There are 18 units (few people own more than one unit) in the database at the moment. If and when the need arises we can get in touch and take any group action which might be required.

Database will contain the following information.
- Investor’s e-mail address
- Size of the unit (studio, 1 bed etc)
- Investment building (e.g. Emirate Lake Towers)
- Master developer’s name (e.g. Chapal World L.L.C.)
- City and Country of residency.

If you think this is a good idea and want to be part of Ajman Investor Group (AIG) then please send the requested information to [email protected]
From time to time, I will send you updates re. the total members of the Ajman Investor Group (AIG).

Thanks and kind regards.
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