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Name: The Blue Parl
Location: Manama
Floors: 47
Height: ?

Main construction package to be released soon for tendering on the 47-storey tower, known as the Blue Pearl, located in central Manama

Contract awarding is due in June and completion scheduled for June 2007.
The tower will have a built-up area of 66,690 square metres and include 32 floors of office space and a 10-storey parking area and basement.
Six groups have been prequalified for the contract:

Six Construct, Belgium

Emirates Belbadi Contracting Company, UAE, with Chapo, local

Nasa-Multiplex, UAE, with Cebarco, local

Bouygues, France, with Ahmed Mansour, local

Interbeton, Netherlands, with GP Zachariades (Overseas), Cyprus-based

Murray & Roberts Contractors (Middle East), South Africa, with AA Nass Contracting, local
The local Hisham Abdulrehman Jaffer (HAJ) is project manager and quantity surveyor.
The architect is the Abu Dhabi office of Cassia Group.
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execellent guys, this really looks nice, do you know where its coming up ?

by the way i finally got a chance to on manama-muharraq new bridge.. let me just say one thing.. bravo 3alikm.. very good very fast :)
that's what i call f******* awesome architecture
i added the tower to emporis yesterday and will upload an image now!
What a tower, this is what we need. Looks to me around 200 m, somewhere in that region. Am wonderin where will this one be built in central Manama, somewhere near government avenue would be great, but I think maybe it'll be next to LuLu mall/behind the Regency area cause there is space there will on gov avenue, it's just about full. Hey nontheless, finally the skyline is gettin a real facelift.

Am wonderin, where did you get the article, didn't see it anywhere? A UAE newspaper online or website?
MBLD have recently been awarded the exterior lighting contract of the new Blue Pearl Tower in Bahrain. With a built-up area of 54,352 m2, the program incorporates 32 levels of prime office space. The Architects Cassia and Partners, see the tower embodying the dynamic atmosphere of Bahrain’s ongoing development with the intent to create an immediately recognizable visual icon for the city’s skyline.
I would like to see this one..... on the pearl island next to BFH and the City Center mall

I think it will be around ... 200-230 meters
I'll doubt that this will be on Lulu Island because I've seen the plan and they had another tower there, very nice one actually. I think this would be perfect somewhere near Gov Avenue but I don't think it'll be there, probably behind the Regency or somewhere there. It isn't clear from the render where it'll be located.
This is one nice tower.

Bahraini Spirt,
You should post a thread of all the u/c and approved projects in Bahrain..
SKyFan, I've actually thought about it and Dubai-Lover brought it up before. I think let's wait till the summer when I'll be back home and I can get proper pics of these projects, so that overall the thread will be better and more informative. I think that'll be best. Thanks for the idea though :).
Guys, any news on this or any ads for it comin up?
ya this tower is really nice and i think it will give a wounderfull view in manama
That's one sexxxy tower!!
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