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Interesting ... at first I thought they will turn that frame into Vida!
This photos is one of the best I seen, I love the skyline from that angle
looks like the plot diagonally opposite the corner of the trade centre, currently open sand with some Ghaff trees. parked there during cityscape

Emaar only sent invites about this project. More Information will be update tomorrow after Project launch.
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Hopefully something iconic will come up here .. not another cheap Emaar design
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Same height as One Zaabeel, it's going to make a huge impact in the area :banana:
OMG twin supertalls ... yaaas
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by Emaar on twitter:

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Reminds me of WTC twins in NY. Even the small annex building, being it the Crowne Plaza building back then. What ya think?
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I really like the 3 pools at different levels on the podium.
Apartment sizes are as follows:

1 Bedroom: 678 - 951 Sq.ft
2 Bedroom: 1,074 - 1,275 Sq.ft
3 Bedroom: 1,456 - 1,692 Sq.ft
1 - 20 of 45 Posts
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