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10 July 2009

Dr Robert MacDonald RIBA FRSA has been elected the next President of The Liverpool Architectural Society and Merseyside Branch of the RIBA.

Robert is the Reader in Architecture at LJMU. He started his architectural career at the Liverpool School of Architecture. One of his tutors was the late Professor Quentin Hughes who wrote ‘Seaport’. Professor John Nelson Tarn, a previous Vice Chancellor of Liverpool University, was academic supervisor for his Phd, completed in 1989, on ‘The Appropriation of Space inside the English Terraced House’.

During his undergraduate years Dr MacDonald embarked on several expeditions across the Sahara desert from Shorefields Comprehensive School. These academic adventures fired his interest in natural architecture, anthropology, geology and geography.

Since then, Robert has practiced in Zambia, Wales and Glasgow where he worked on pioneering tenement and environmental improvements. His practice was located in street corner shops, so as to establish close relationships with the residents.

Before becoming the Reader in Architecture at LJMU, his most formative years were spent working with the leading new build housing cooperatives in Liverpool where he learnt valuable lessons for an architect and academic: how to listen and how to facilitate design participation.

During his forthcoming 12 month term of office he is looking forward to planning The Integrated City Project - a city wide joint proposal which sets out to bring together architects, artists, developers, students and many others. The Integrated City Project is to be launched at the STATIC Gallery, Roscoe Lane, 6pm on 22 July.

Source: LJMU News Update
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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