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Architecture on a plate

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Has anyone noticed that world class skyscrapers are situated in the fictional paradise city from burnout paradise
surely there are some great original designs and some may look really stunning for London
each design is memorable and iconic, as well as being well designed and even well integrated to the streets in game!
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ill try:)
I've often thought that 'fantasy architecture' - whether in games, movies, comics etc, often looks a lot better than real life modern architecture!
its not totally wacky though, its very much a modern city would need
its not totally wacky though, its very much a modern city would need
Lets make a distinction here between real places that have been lived in and fantasy places that have been styled. :)
its not city urban design lol, its some of the archiecture is interesting
Sure and I'm open minded about it too, don't get me wrong. But have the buildings been designed with shadow studies and wind channelling in mind? Have they been located so that they contribute to the life on the passing street? What are the service access requirements? And lets not even start to go into land ownership issues. :)

It might seem like pissing on the fire a bit, but all these practical considerations might offer a partial explanation as to why nothing has been done like this since Brasilia.
and speaking of Brasilia, why is it that so many photos of the place are showing spaces and buildings that are COMPLETELY devoid of people?!! Is it because they make the place look untidy? :uh:
making a good point, i guess the physics just isnt there:)
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