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Brief State of Euphoria
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The Waves of Abu Dhabi

down from the skies and spiralling into each other, creating leisure spaces for the city.The changing morphology offers different qualities to the user, from views over the sea and the city at the top of the towers, to gardens and pools at the lower parts of the building. Water is the constant theme all throughout; a kilometre long river flows from end to end, and a water taxi takes the visitor through the different spaces and activities.

This water world is crowned by the six towers that wave towards the heavens, two hotel towers, two office towers, serviced apartments and residences, all linked to this words of experiences.

Last but not least, the mixed-use complex gives water to the city. A simple and efficient desalinisation plant, using the heat of the sun, distils salt water from the nearby sea into unsalted water. Using the wisdom of the ancients, this simple system, gives almost 24 000 litres of water daily to the citizens. As such, water creates the building and the building creates water.

Henning Larsens Tegnestue
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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