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Ardentown, DE

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Ardentown was founded in 1922 due to the success of the neighboring Arden community. Like Arden, Ardentown is a Single Tax community. Ardentown's population is around 300.

A house on The Mall.

Another house on The Mall.

A house on Sconset Road.

Another house on Sconset Road.

A house on East Mall.

Another house on East Mall.

A house on Millers Road, near the Eden Rock assisted living facility.

Looking across the Charles W. Pettit Green at houses on Loreley Lane.

Looking across the Charles W. Pettit Green at houses on Appletree Lane. An example of the rustic wooden street signs is on the left.

A house on Loreley Lane at Woodland Road.

The New Candlelight Theatre, the first dinner theater in Delaware. The Candlelight Theatre was opened in 1969 after replacing a converted barn that had operated as a theater in Ardentown since the 1920s. The theater was renovated in 2004 and was renamed the New Candlelight Theatre.

An old house on Millers Road.

A house on Millers Road at Loreley Lane.

A house on Loreley Lane.

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