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Area around Hollins market

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Hi, I am thinking about renting property near Hollins market, however I'm not too familiar with the area. Can someone give me any insight on Hollins market/Union square? Any input is appreciated.

Thank you!
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The area is a bit sketchey in my opinion.

I get over there once a year for the sowebo festival which is a blast. The neighborhood association appears to be pretty active. You may want to start there.
If you go, check out Baltimore Pho. Its one helluva Thai place. classy, and nice. good food. looks like it could be in canton or IHE.

I commend the owners for opening up there. It's on Hollins right across from the market.

As far as the neighborhood, its really block by block. Some are a lot nicer than others. The one block of Stricker that faces the park is nice. Same for the blocks of Hollins that border the area(like 1500 I think??) Personally, I'd have no problem living there, but it will depend on your personal tastes.

Best way to check out a hood: take a walk around 8 pm. A nice long walk. if you feel scared, move on to the next area.
Best way to check out a hood: take a walk around 8 pm. A nice long walk. if you feel scared, move on to the next area.
That's actually very good advice.

Hollins Market is one of the areas that I will likely check out if I move back to the city in a year or so. The location and homes are great, but for whatever reason, it's one of those places that can't quite jump on the gentrification bandwagon. Eventually though, it's inevitable.

I guess one question to ask is why are you looking at Hollins Market. You may be able to find a less sketchy area that meets all your needs as well. Pigtown is just to the south, and, from what I know, is a little bit further along with its comeback.
I would also add:

Judging by the fact that this is your first post and you are a new member, you may also have posted a similar question for the folks at, since most people looking to buy or rent in an area they know nothing about inevitably find their way to city-data. If you have in fact stumbled unknowingly upon city-data, I would advise you to ignore anything they have told you. Their sole purpose seems to be to discourage everyone from doing anything. Thus, if you take their advice, not only will you likely end up not renting in Hollins Market, you will likely end up never having a home again. No place is worthy enough for those people.
Thanks for the input folks. I signed the lease and will be moving in shortly. The place is half a block from Hollins Market.

Peter, I haven't posted on any other forums.. I've been lurking around here for a while now just never had any questions before.
I have a friend who rented there before he left for law school. The apartment was great. The area was mad sketchy, but nothing too dangerous. He rent was reasonable.
the area seems fine. my mom shops at hollins market alot and she hasn't said anything negative....
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