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Arlington to Key West.

My last 'road trip' in the USA before returning to Oz was back in January. The missus and I drove from our place just outside of Washington DC (Arlington Virginia) all the way to Key West Florida, the southernmost point in the US. Here are the pics:-

The first stop was in Charleston, South Carolina. Nearby was Fort Sumter, which saw the first shots fired in the US Civil War on 12 April 1861.

The impressive Arthur Ravenel Jr. bridge, near Charleston, was built in 2005 and is the longest cable-stayed bridge in the Western Hemisphere.

The Aircraft Carrier Yorktown, which is now a museum.

Around Charleston:-

Next stop was St Augustine, Florida - the oldest european build settlement in the US. It was established by the Spanish in 1565.

Sailing through the Florida Everglades.

I thought if we wanted to see Alligators we would need to go to a zoo or Alligator farm or something. In fact they are easy to come across in the wild. In the Everglades National Park we were quite often within just a few feet of them, which was disconcerting at first. However they seemed quite docile and happy to just lie in the sun...

Part of the long highway through the Florida Keys to Key West.

Around Key West:-

Supposedly the Southern most point in the US however there is a Naval Station right next to this area which seemed a bit further south to me.

'The Little White House' is a southern retreat used by US Presidents from Truman's time onwards.

The end of US Highway 1 which runs over 3,000 kms beginning at Fort Kent, Maine (near the Canadian border) and finishing at Key West.

The home of Ernest Hemingway who lived in Key West in the 1930s is now a museum.

On the way back we had a quick stop in Miami. Lots of construction.

Time out for a refreshing cocktail.

I'm not sure why there is an 'Australian Avenue' in Palm Beach but it was good to see.

The other Melbourne!

We got back to Washington in time to catch a glimpse of K Rudd on his first visit to the US as PM. From my posse at the Australian Embassy on the fifth floor I got some shots of the great man as he left for a meeting.

My desk:-

The view from my window:-

Rudd emerges and heads towards waiting limo!

Rudd gets closer to limo!

Rudd gets inside limo! (the man behind the limo is Australia's Ambassador to the US, Dennis Richardson).

Rudd is now inside limo!


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an amazing collection of pics. you are an amazing photographer. Been to some of those places. Great to revisit. Thanks:cheers:

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Excellent pics there, Platypus. I can't believe you saw a dolphin! Is Fort Sumter near Fort Wagner? I don't know if you've seen the 1989 film Glory where the Union's first all-black infantry fought at Fort Wagner, SC. I really want to visit that place.

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Wow - I really loved that tour. As well as urban landscapes I also have a fascination for tropical and subtropical plants and gardening. Some of those gardens were fantastic. I could spend hours trying to work out what plants are what and can I grow them here - similar latitude to Bris.

Again great photos - I really enjoyed.


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Fantastic series, I want to do something similar one day - albeit Key West to Edmundston the Maine/New Brunswick border!
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