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Arnhem, situated on the banks of the river Rhine had a harbour until 1945 and for a new leisure harbour, people can choose from three proposals:

1. A small harbour (Kort):

2. A larger harbour (Lang):

3. Lock plus harbour (Sluis):

See the video (WMV/90Mb) - commentary comes in Dutch

People can cast their vote on 6. June, with no option to say no. It's part of the Rijnboog masterplan. (NL only). I'm not a huge fan of the proposals, yet the lock plus a harbour option would get my vote.

This is the current situation. I would much rather see a pedestrian bridge to the 'green' harbour on the south bank.

The Rhine at Arnhem is a much smaller river, compared to Germany, as the river Waal takes about two-thirds of the volume, and just before reaching Arnhem, there's another delta river, the IJssel, taking another large part of the remaining volume. This was the battleground in 1944. The 'bridge too far' is the one on the right. The one on the left is built where the old harbour used to be. The harbour on the south bank used to be a navy wharf. A nudist beach amongst other functions now.
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