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Some pics from the weekend-
skyline from riverside dve-

Condor tower (82m) starts!!!-

nmr city works-

barracks plaza rising (16st/55m)-

new altaire crane-

up allendale and exchange plaza-

new paving in the hay st mall-

part of the skyline from hyde park-


Queens gardens photos-

this new 18v residential tower had an open day for all to go and view. there was a display unit on lv 12 however it didnt cut it so we went up to the penthouse on 18 with permission.

ok it was really late in the day and i really wanted a skyline shot so tried to edit out sun lol-

roof of neighbouring tower from lv12-

langly park and abc/hemisphere-

ground floor-

the view u can expect from the penthouse-

northern view-

newly developed cluster of towers-

perth skyline from como-

interesting walkway-

a nearly topped out raffles apartments-

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you've done well mate. Some angle's there of perth I havnt seen so very interesting. Don't worrie, im shure people see these pictures and appriciate them, they are just to lazy to reply and create conversation. I havnt seen many ground shot's of perth from ground level, through the city center. got any to share?

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kota16 said:
I always enjoy your pics of Perth. I spend hours looking at them.
Yeah, I love the Perth related threads.

I think that may be the dilaz89 part of the team ranting :rant:. I remember his famous rant that none of "youze Easterners" were interested in the Perth material.

chrilaz89aus, don't forget that also a lot of forumers are still on dial-up. So they may not have the patience for all your great pics to download.

Top thread (again)! :eek:kay: Perth can be very pretty.
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