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Todo lo relacionado con arquitectura, urbanismo y transporte en los 50 estados y territorios.

Everything related to architecture, urbanism and transport in the 50 states and territories.

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Project Overview
Traffic Updates
News Room
EIS Process
The project is a 20-mile elevated rail line that will connect West O`ahu with downtown Honolulu and Ala Moana Center. The system features electric, steel-wheel trains capable of carrying more than 300 passengers each.
Trains can carry more than 8,000 passengers per hour in each direction. New bus routes will provide direct connections to the stations.
Financial Plan 4/20

(Wed., April 20, 2011)—Honolulu Mayor Peter Carlisle announced today that the Honolulu Rail Transit Project submitted its first draft of an updated financial plan to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) for its review. The update, submitted in accordance with FTA requirements, places capital costs for the project at $5.3 billion, which includes finance charges, adjustments for inflation, and a 21 percent contingency of $865 million to cover unforeseen costs. (Read More)

HHCTCP Draft Financial Plan for Entry Into Final Design April 2011
Map Last Updated - January 27, 2011


- Improved Mobility
. We need to get from here to there - island-wide. The roads and freeways are often congested, limiting our mobility. A fully-elevated, rail transit system will be able to move thousands of people per hour without taking away the already limited highway and road space we have now.
- Reliability. The elevated system will operate with precision and reliability. So, if you need to be at work by 8 a.m., you’ll arrive at work by 8 a.m., even if it’s raining or there’s a big accident on H-1. There will be just three minutes between rail vehicles during peak hours, so you won’t have to check the schedule to catch the next one.
- Improving The Economy. Construction of the rail line will create 10,000 jobs a year on average and increase state and city revenues.
- Protecting Our Environment. Rail transit can be powered by electricity from renewable sources, and is endorsed nationally by the Sierra Club.
- Sustainable Growth. It is vital that improved infrastructure is in place to support West O‘ahu’s growth. It will help focus growth in designated areas, and away from areas where we don’t want it – helping to “keep the country country.”
- Fairness. Rail transit is affordable for working families, seniors, and students. Rides will cost the same as TheBus, come with a free transfer, and like now, a monthly pass will work system-wide. Rail transit, as part of an overall public transportation system, is a way to enhance Honolulu’s quality of life, by easing traffic congestion, enhancing our economy, reducing pollution, and providing greater mobility for us and future generations.

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Seattle, Washington::eek2:


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Mere $110 Million

Penthouse Near Carnegie Hall Gets Ever-Higher Asking Price


Extell One57 tower on West 57th Street in a rendering

It may be the most expensive home listing ever in Manhattan: $110 million for a glass-walled penthouse overlooking Central Park on top of what will soon be the borough's tallest residential building.
The prize for that eye-popping price tag is a six-bedroom apartment covering 10,923 square feet at One57, a tower under construction by Extell Development Co., on West 57th Street opposite Carnegie Hall. The $110 million figure is nearly 12% above an earlier asking price for the unit, according to documents filed with the New York state attorney general.
The richer listing price is one result of a recent deal to sell the 20th-floor penthouse owned by Sanford I. Weill, the former chairman and chief executive and chairman of Citigroup Inc. The Weill apartment—at 15 Central Park West, a few blocks away from One57—went into contract for $88 million, a record.

Extell One57 tower on West 57th Street

Now some brokers say the Weill sale may give a jolt to an already strong high-end market. Extell is betting that other buyers are willing to pay many millions more than previously thought for a chance to live in the clouds above Central Park.
The One57 tower eventually will rise to more than 1,004 feet, including a curved, glass top covering a cooling tower, when the building opens in 2013. It would be the tallest residential development in New York, though even taller residential buildings have been proposed, but not yet begun.
Sales at the building are off to a fast start, according to brokers. While many buyers expect to negotiate discounts before they sign on the dotted line, One57 so far has held the line on asking prices, brokers said.
Elizabeth Sample, a broker at Sotheby's International Realty, said the showroom for the building had been flooded with multimillionaire and billionaire buyers. "It is insane in the showroom," she said. "We are doing two deals there," she said.
The highest known home sale in the U.S. was the $100 million paid by a Russian billionaire investor in social-media companies, Yuri Milner, earlier this year. He bought a 25,500-square-foot chateau-style mansion in Silicon Valley.
Though there have been higher listing prices for mansions, estates and ranches across the country, said that the highest current single family home listing in its national database is $90 million for a 35-foot-wide mansion at 4 E. 80th St. in Manhattan. A house in Lake Tahoe is now second with a listing price of $75 million, down from $100 million earlier in the year.
The penthouse listed for $110 million at One57 is on the top two floors of what will be a 90-story building. It has a 57-foot-wide, double-height "grand salon" facing Central Park.
The asking price on an even larger condo in the building on the 75th and 76th floors also has been raised, to $105 million. The duplex apartment has an additional two-story-high, 51-foot-wide glass-enclosed "winter garden" with a curved glass roof and optional pool. The unit is listed at 13,554 square feet.
Mr. Weill is in contract to sell his penthouse, plus wrap-around terrace, to the 22-year-old daughter of Dmitry Rybolovlev, a Russian billionaire, for the full $88 million asking price, according to a person familiar with the sale. The previous record sale was for a $53 million Upper East Side townhouse.
A few weeks ago, at about the time that word of a deal on the Weill apartment began circulating among brokers, Extell submitted a plan amendment raising prices across the board on its apartments in One57.
According to the documents, prices are now up a total of $77 million, or an average of 3.9%, since the One57 condo development plan was first submitted, with the largest increases on the most expensive condos. There are now four full-floor apartments priced at more than $50 million. Seven other lower full-floor units are listed for between $42.5 million and $48.5 million.
These apartments are about the same size as Mr. Weill's apartment, but are listed for a third to almost half as much. The penthouse at the top of the building is priced at $10,070 a square foot, compared with more than $13,000 a square foot for the Weill apartment.

The Fine Print

Details on One57 penthouse

  • New price: $110 million
  • Old price: $98.5 million
  • Square footage: 10,923
  • Floor location: 89th-90th
  • Price per square foot: $10,070
  • Number of bedrooms: 6
  • Number of bathrooms: 7 plus two powder rooms.
  • Length of central gallery: (for art collection) 60 feet
  • Size of grand salon: 1,500 square feet
Source: Extell

Extell President Gary Barnett declined to discuss sales at the building, except to say that there was interest "across the board" in the building "from all over the world," including the U.S. He said that the Weill sale would bring world-wide attention to Manhattan real estate.
"I don't think one building makes the market, but it is a very good headline number. It has a good psychological effect on the market," he said. "I like it."
Wendy Maitland, a managing director at Town Residential, said the building "was an opportunity" for buyers, including investors, despite the hefty price tags, because there was nothing like it on the market at the moment. "It is a property that hasn't been seen on the gold coast of Central Park since 15 Central Park West sold out," she said.
Edward Mermelstein, a lawyer who works with wealthy clients from Russia and the former Soviet Union, said that many buyers were from Russia and China, and the idea of living atop the tallest Manhattan building had great appeal to them.
"They have deals from $6 million to more than $40 million," he said.

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Tallest building in western U.S. to start with big pour

William M. Welch, USA TODAY 12:23 a.m. EST February 6, 2014

(Photo: AC Martin Architects)
Story Highlights

  • Wilshire Grand project will be 1,100 feet tall, counting the spire
  • Ceremony to mark pouring of concrete for foundation
  • A pour for the record books is planned


LOS ANGELES — A new addition to the city's skyline, a hotel and office project that will become the tallest building in the western United States, starts its slow rise this month with a bid for the record books.
The 73-story, 1,100-foot tall Wilshire Grand project represents a $1.1 billion private investment by a Korean conglomerate in the city's downtown, long an area of neglect but now experiencing a development revival.
"It will give downtown Los Angeles a new identity,'' says José Huizar, a City Council member representing the area. "It's going to help reshape the downtown skyline in a good way.''
After spending more than a year demolishing the old hotel on the site and digging a 100-foot hole for the building's footings, architect and project manager Chris Martin says workers plan to pour the concrete foundation in one huge effort Feb. 15.
The project will attempt to set a Guinness World Record with the largest continuous concrete pour ever, Martin said. More than 2,100 truckloads will deliver 21,200 cubic yards of concrete weighing 82 million pounds.

The final design of the new Wilshire Grand.(Photo: AC Martin Architects)

The parade of concrete trucks will be led to the site by the University of Southern California marching band and a gaggle of local dignitaries who will mark the construction milestone with developers.
Pouring the massive amount of concrete at once allows workers to save several weeks' time over a more normal, slower pour, Martin said, and will yield one solid, connected foundation rather than requiring mechanical connections between sections.
But pouring so much concrete at once has its downsides, mainly heat created by chemical reactions inherent to the process. To keep the concrete from overheating, which could cause the concrete to crack and ruin, workers have installed 19 miles of refrigeration piping amid the foundation's steel reinforcement that will cool the process.
"We've gotten experts from all over the world to advise us on this,'' says Martin, a third-generation architect whose grandfather designed City Hall in the 1920s.
"We're baking a big cake.''
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