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Arquitectural similarities on the Dubai and Panama skyscrapers design

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As many of you should know Panama a small latin american country is going through a residential skyscrapers boom, is my intention with this thread to show that all the criticism against it´s designs is partially based on an aspect I don´t agree, mostly because we use the so call "boxes" in the base of the buildings, many, specially south american forumers use this argument to underestimate our designs saying they find it ugly.
Here you can see that this method is used in places were the phreatic level it has makes them design it´s building in a similar way, not making it look bad in my personal opinion, Dubai is a perfect example, (don´t pay attention to the red circle).


Here are just some of the designs in Panama criticized based on that argument.

Photo courtesy of Panaboom. All rights reserved.

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^^ There are practical reasons on choosing such designs, in this case the proximity to water and the extra, extra costs if all the parking levels had to be build underground.
I wish everyone would knew that, but many forumers from the latinscrapers forum don´t understand why we do that, and say is a ugly and awful way our arquitects like to design, as if they do it on purpose, that´s not the case and you explain the reasons also on your commentary. thx. :eek:kay:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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