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ASAN | Tangjeong Tra Palace | 39 fl | Com

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Construction Start-2006
Complete Year-2009
Clusters-23(1 stage-10,2 stage-9,3 stage-4)
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Tangjeong Trapalace is Apartments for Samsung Electronics LCD Factory's Workers.
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Oh no, that's a shame for architecture.
This isn't even architecture for me.
Ugly pull them down immediately.
I don't understand why people are crapping up the posts by saying that this is not architecture and stuff like that. People, architecture and apartments differ by country. They may seem hilarious and boring to people from other countries but they offer the finest world-class residence for the Korean citizens. The comfort and convenience these apartments offer is wayy better than any other apartments around the world. So please just stop all the crapping:eek:hno:
Hmm i guess a lot of people dont like this buildings, i dont blame them.That is kind of sad because these apartments are some of the nices ones South Korea has to offer, i personally dont like them either but these aint bad. You should see all the commy blocks they have with big numbers painted in the side of the building, so you can tell them apart, my favorite architecture are the old buildings and villages they have, to bad their own people burn that down.
Come on Korea!!! That's the best ya got! Build something creative for once! PS-I love Seoul!
Come on Korea!!! That's the best ya got! Build something creative for once! PS-I love Seoul!
Hey, don't overeact! don't call Korea!
Of course, there are not the best korea got at all, you know as much.
Also, these apartment can't be represent Korea at all.

These apartment block are just the residence for SAMSUNG worker near massive SAMSUNG factories in Asan city.(nothing to do with Seoul)
Nothing more, nothing less

Frankly, I am not the fan of these kind of apartment block
but we should think rationally sometiimes.

In fact, it dosen't need to build luxurious or creative as long as these aparment block are NOT for chairman, CEO of factory or someone very special and important.....
to balace the construction budget.

How about your city, Tulsa?
Every houses or residence buildings for even factory workers are building very creative and extraordinary? They all are striking buildings with sparkling designs?
Then show me for once
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Unfortunately, it is quite true that Seoul and many korean cities are filled with lots of uncreative and characterless identical apartments.
But it is also ture that korean cities are trying to get buliding creative apartments too.
These are two good examples.
These two apartment are far from the ordanary looking Whether these are beautiful or not.

Wangshipli shift (this apartment is NOT for the rich)

Boutique monaco
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at least these building are better than where i live, in estonia, everything is ugly
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